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My name is Barry Graeme Bottomley and I am a Street and Urban Landscape photographer living in London. My interest in photography started at school when I discovered - having not been very good at sketching and painting - that with a camera in my hand I could express myself in an artistic way that I couldn't otherwise.

This sparked my passion for photography and to cut a long story short, some 40 years later, and with a large and ever-growing portfolio of Street and Urban Landscapes images of London I now find myself selling these images as prints.

  • I apply the same passion and eye for detail I have for my photography to the decision process I use for my choice of print type for my images. After all, what is the point of spending so much time taking photographs of London and developing my individual style taking on such an energetic city, without giving careful consideration to how the picture will look and feel in the hand and in the frame.

    All my prints are printed professionally as Giclée fine art inkjet prints on Hahnemuhle Pearl-Gloss finished paper resulting in a gallery-quality print with outstanding colour and black and white detail with a delicately textured surface. Furthermore, the prints will last for up to 40 years under normal lighting conditions - 200 years in the dark!

  • I am always looking to get out onto the streets of London to look for the unusual in the usual and to apply my own style of photography to it. I am also working on a project on the coasts of Kent, Sussex, and Essex, photographing the landscape and the people in it. Subscribe to my emails for further updates and information on this project.

    I have just produced a 32-page colour zine which compliments the Looking In/Looking Out segment on the website along with an interview published in The Pictorial List.

    You can read the interview in the link below: https://thepictorial-list.com/post/interview-barry-bottomley

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My London

It was Samuel Johnson who said: “Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

And Samuel Johnson was right.

London is the most dynamic and diverse city with so much to offer a street and urban landscape photographer like me. I never get bored walking the streets of this city, looking out for new things or the same things, just in a different light. From its everyday landscapes to reflections or distorted images through steamy coffee shop widows on the Holloway Road, everything is game.  

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